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Early Help

‘Making the journey through services seamless for families so that they receive the right help at the right time.”

What is ‘Early Help’?

Early help is the principle of providing the right support at the right time to children, young people and families to maximise life chances and prevent more complex problems emerging further down the line.

We have a new team…

The Early Help Partnership team is made up of coordinators and practitioners who advise and guide professionals in their responsibility of providing safeguarding and early help support to children, young people and families.  We want to ensure that children and their families are able to access a coordinated early help offer as soon as a problem emerges, and that this offer is preventative, personalised and embedded within a whole family approach.

Why is this important?

We want to provide a consistent approach across the borough so that all children, young people an families receive a similar, high quality service and to:

  • Ensure that all practitioners have a shared vision and skills set, which puts the family at the centre of finding and developing solutions (for example through access to training and practitioners networks);
  • Support families to build resilience and help themselves, including supporting parents to access education and work;
  • Get it right first time for more children, young people and families, through early identification, prevention and robust interventions at every level of need;
  • Ensure seamless working across all agencies, disciplines and levels of need, so that we improve the journeys of children and families through services in the borough.I am a parent. How can I access ‘Early Help’? I am a professional. Can I refer cases to the Early Help Partnership team?
  • No. The Early Help Partnership team does not have a case holding function. Instead they provide support and guidance for professionals to:
  • First, check out our directory of services for local organisations who can support you. If you need an extra helping hand, all staff usually within schools, children’s centres and health settings make up our early help workforce so you can approach these for help and support.
  • Embed the Early Help Record as the single method to record, plan and review work with families in a single and multi agency context;
  • Strengthen early help and safeguarding policy and practice;
  • Completing statutory Section 11 audits;
  • Understand designated safeguarding lead responsibilities through specialised single agency training;
  • Individual case direction and strategy for innovative ways of working with families;
  • Networking with other professionals to share best practice and information.The Early Help Partnership Team contact details:Useful links:


  • Early Help Service Manager

Claire Bridge – ;  0203 373 2960

  • Early Help Coordinators

Kathy Dee (EAST) – ; 0203 373 0673

Rehema Essop (CENTRAL/SOUTH) – ; 0203 373 4672

Vicki Kitts (WEST) – ; 0203 373 34122

  • Early Help Practitioners

Amber Robinson (EAST/SOUTH) – ; 0203 373 1225

Dawn Henry (CENTRAL/SOUTH) – ; 0203 373 7031

Jasmin Choudhury (WEST/SOUTH) – ; 0203 373 4651

  • Early Help Coordinator – Triage

Neelam Pankhania – ; 0203 373 0878

  • Early Help Programme Officer 

Remi Desouza – ; 0203 373 2934


For more information please follow the link below :

Newham Connect

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