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Keeping Children Safe in Education

Revised Statutory Guidance was issued by the Department for Education (DfE) in April 2014. This Guidance reminds Head teachers, Governors and staff of the important part schools play in Safeguarding and Promoting the welfare of all learners.

In Newham, schools are represented on the Local Safeguarding Children Board (NLSCB) by two Head teachers, one from a Primary School and one from the Secondary school sector. This representation provides the “voice of the school” in all matters of business undertaken by the Board and allows for the work of the Board to be disseminated to colleagues across the Newham schools estate.

MLE Safeguarding Room

The Local Authority provides opportunities for school leaders to access safeguarding resources in the form of local guidance via the schools’ on-line portal, MLE, via it’s Safeguarding Room. Senior Designated Leads in schools have access to this room, but for other staffs who are involved in safeguarding work relevant documents are available on this page.

A schedule for schools single agency training is also provided here. This training should be completed before advancing to the NSCB multi-agency training offered within the 2014/15 programme.

» Statutory guidance: Keeping children safe in education

» KCSIE Guidance

» Training schedule 2014/15

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